2-3yr olds

Corps de Ballet

Rule of the school is dress up in tutus and tendu in tulle

Baby Ballet Begins – Exe’cute’

The Tale of Tiny Toes

Heartfelt memories begin at Baby Ballet Academy.

Toddlers in tutus, tights & tiaras will be swept away and introduced to the magic of Miss Tracey’s ballet.

These classes are designed specifically for petite little feet. Choreographed to delight the senses, creating mime based balletic activities with a firm focus on frolicking and fantasy whilst captivating little dancers and teaching them the basic elements of ballet.

The studio is adorned with exquisite handmade props and an array of whimsical routines and musical themes weekly.

Bubbles, wands and butterfly wings are a few of our favourite things.

A dainty tea cup, a delicate rose, at Baby Ballet Academy… we love to pointe our toes!


The duration of the class is thirty minutes, the biggest challenge sometimes is getting the little ones to stop and let the next class in.

Steppin’ Out With My Baby

The person in care of the toddler will be permitted to foxtrot with their tiny tot and get involved in the dance class, simultaneously creating a stress free environment for the toddler and pure enjoyment for the adult.