BBA & COVID-19 Update

Baby Ballet Academy Live Stream Classes


Due to this twirling twister we’re all spinning around in Baby Ballet Academy is now running ballet classes via the online Zoom platform into your living rooms.

This way your leapers and ballerinas can join Miss T as we can continue to plie, jete and have a really fun day doing our ballet.

I know some parents have already made a line to stand on in first position for me. Aww.

I will continue to follow our normal timetable but I’m so happy if your dancer would like to join me on any day, a private lesson or a class at any time of the day please send through a text message or email since we’re all pretty much locked in our rooms and available anyway.


Whilst BBA is temporarily closed as a safety precaution for COVID-19, here are the directions to join me for classes on the Zoom platform site.



The first thing you need to do is create a free Zoom profile (it can be under your name or your dancers name, I think your dancers full name). You can do this at Zoom or by downloading the app.



In order to join a class on Zoom you must receive an invitation from the Host (Myself) I will send you your email invitation or you can simply join the class if it’s your usual day and time.

Click on the link to at your scheduled class time to join the class and make sure to enable your audio and video when prompted.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me as we adapt to a new and fun way to do ballet.


Regarding props:

It would be gorgeous if you could sit down and perhaps make some or you might even have what they’ll need. Ribbons, wands, feathers, masks, tambourines, envelopes, watering cans, cut -out paper hearts…a chair for barre work.

I’ll just say we need ….or just something similar.

I’m sure everyone has an apple, orange a ballet shoe or a beautiful little tutu to do a tendu.


I will email ahead of time each week once I’ve designed the class structure for the week to let you know. The children can bring their favourite toy/doll, book, ribbon, flower, a wand and definitely a little chair for barre work. We create a dance…I remember choreographing to Chloe’s slime that she’d brought into class a few years ago.

 Stay safe everyone and I look forward to our virtual online classes, this way we can still say hello to a very pretty little pointed toe. xo Miss T.