Q & A

EDITOR of the Wentworth Courier Mr. David Mills

             Asks Tracey what makes Baby Ballet Academy a success story

What is the name of your dance school?

Baby Ballet Academy

What is your name?

Tracey Strang

What is your role with the dance school?

Sole owner of Baby Ballet Academy

How long have you been teaching dance?

Over 20yrs.

What is the school’s address, website and phone number?

Bondi Pavilion
Queen Elizabeth Drive.
Bondi Beach 2026.
url: babyballetacademy.com
ph: 0438 428 067

What sort of dance classes do you offer, or what dance styles do you specialise in?

Specializing in captivating preschoolers aged 2-5yrs in formal classical & jazz ability including a ballet recital at the end of the year. My classes are half hr but I’m always running over time. We just can’t stop dancing!

Do you have many boys learning dance at your school?

Yes I encourage it. They love to jete and leap across the studio handing out roses to little ballerinas and are particularly fond of my ever popular motor bike routine. We all get inspired even the parents are rocking in their chairs as they watch on.

What advice would you give to parents who were thinking about enrolling their child in a dance school?

Fortunately at my school the parents are able to sit in and watch each class. Who wants to miss a plie or tiny tendu? I always tell them not to chop & change schools. Let the young dancer become comfortable in one studio so they feel like part of a team and can recognise their surroundings and settle in with their new ballet teacher. This gains so much confidence and a solid grounding for their future. Many parents have asked me to write a book from the valuable advice and knowledge I’ve accumulated. Once the children have your full trust there’s no stopping them.

Have the TV dance shows encouraged more young people to take lessons?

Definitely, every little princes or prince loves to dance. It’s a part of their souls built in from birth. What would life be without music & dance and a sprinkle of magic?

What are the benefits of attending a dance school?

Appreciation of movement, rhythm, tone, control, grace, style, posture, deportment, & excellent concentration using both sides of the brain simultaneously… (Oh and the ballerinas get to wear tutus & tiaras and catch bubbles with wands).

Do you need to buy shoes or outfits to take part?

Yes the children are required to wear pink or black ballet slippers (They just never want to take them off). The ballerinas wear either a leotard or tutu, (colour of their choice of course). The male dancers wear black tights black ballet slippers and a white singlet.

Does your school do performances?

Yes, We’ve performed for Parenting Australia at the Entertainment Quarter and this year the ballerinas performed for Play Day on the Mall in Bondi Junction which was a huge success. Then there’s… drum roll please… the ever popular end of the year Baby Ballet Academy dance recitals. The dancers perform on stage in their age appropriate classes – Corps de Ballet 2-3yrs, Corphees 3-4yrs & Principal Artists & Soloists 4-5yrs.


Baby Ballet Academy is a totally unique combination delicately packaged to inspire young souls.
It portrays highly trained classical & jazz ability instilled together with a touch of creative magic & visual technique.