Dear Miss Tracey,

Thank you for allowing Mariana and me and our daughters to observe your class this morning. The two little girls were rapt and I completely want Esther to be part of it.



Miss Tracey the dance whisperer.

The recital was just adorable. I can’t believe you managed to get that gaggle of little 2 year olds to all learn the steps to several dances and dance it together like that and on stage too! You are truly remarkable! 2011



Hi Miss Tracey

Ziggy attended your class for the first time to day, and loved it!
You are very special with the children.



THANK YOU!!! Tracey.

You are very, very kind.
Lolita LOOOVES Ballet and I am very happy with her latest performances!!!!
Love Veronica



Dear Miss Tracey

Thank you very much for making ballet such a wonderful experience for my daughter Bridie. After many weeks I now catch her ‘practicing her ballet moves in our lounge room/on the street/at playgroup/anywhere the mood strikes her actually. The end of the living room rug has become the stand in first position line’ and we can’t go past the Bondi Pavilion anymore without some ‘Miss Tracey worship…..



Hello Miss Tracey

Clementine will be returning for term 3 ballet 10am Fridays – she wouldn’t miss it for anything!
See you on Friday




Dear Miss Tracey

Thank you so much for teaching JemJem this year. She loves ballet and you!

I watched her concert on DVD it was gorgeous!!! I was so sad to miss it, although I know she took an enormous entourage. Her Nan left a message for me straight afterwards in rapture saying “It was the best concert I’ve ever seen” (and she’s seen a few!) – “they performed, and danced beautifully. You are so patient with JemJem who would have thought she could perform all those steps through the entire concert at the age of 2.

Kind Wishes

Gaby. 2007

Hi Miss Tracey,

The ballet concert last year was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. The concentration on the kids’ faces was amazing, and I know Francesca loved every minute of rehearsing and performing for the concert. I too shed a tear or two. Thank you Miss Tracey for introducing her to the joys of dancing and ballet.

We will definitely be back this year, and will be attending the Friday 4-5 year old class.

Rachael (Francesca’s mum)



Hi Miss Tracey,

My little ballerina Clover is so in love with ballet class, she will be there for sure next term at the 11am session.




Dear Tracey

Just writing to thank you dearly for Monday’s class. Despite much encouragement from her daddy and me, we have never been able to get Esther moving to music. And there she was on Monday, completely engaged and jumping around joyfully. Now she talks of nothing except “where’s ballet”, “tutu” and “mis tracey”.

Thank you again. Esther loves dancing, and I am thrilled.



Hello Tracey,
Thank you, thank you, for another class that brought tears to my eyes. Hearing Esther say in that little voice “I have attitude” a long beat after everyone else is a great joy to me.



Dear Tracey,

On behalf of the Woollahra Preschool Parent Advisory Committee I would like to thank you and Baby Ballet Academy for your recent donation of ballet lessons. Your contribution to our 2009 Trivia Night fundraising efforts is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you for your generous support of our efforts.

Yours sincerely,
Amanda Ross
President, Woollahra Preschool Parent Advisory Committee.



Dear Miss Tracey,

Firstly I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for giving Zara so much joy & love for ballet.  We regularly play ‘ballet lessons’ and she loves showing me first position, how to jump, & tonight asked me to do 3 ‘pirouettes’’.  Thank you.