Dress Attire

Dressing up for class is half the fun

Girls: A leotard (colour of the ballerina’s choice of course) is the preference but a tiny tutu or fairy dress is also divine.

In winter a crossover can be worn over the leotard to keep snug!

Hair should be neatly pinned back away from the face.

Boys: Black tights, white singlet/t-shirt & black ballet slippers.

Toddler Ballet Shoes
From Baby to Ballerina

Choosing the correct fitting soft ballet shoe is important in developing a proper technique.

Ballet slippers must be fitted by a trained professional.

From as young as 2, young dancers can begin to learn ballet and dance around in their toddler ballet shoes.

They will LOVE the sense of movement and energy to run, skip and twirl in their tiny shoes.

Those tiny feet must be securely supported in the little ballet shoes.

The sizing of the shoes includes the width and the length.

Toddlers are very young and still growing, so the shoes must be fitted properly.